Meet The Team

Name: Marlon Douglas Taylor

Position: Hip Hop Journalist

Hometown: Cumberland, Md.

Years in Music: 17 Years

The son of a mother whose heart was filled with song, Wizdum, Marlon Douglas Taylor was born with music in his veins. Ever eager to expand his eclectic appetite for sounds, since a youth he has always appreciated a vast spectrum of artists and the music that they make. Prior to becoming involved with the industry himself in 1999, this former poet was raised on a variety of musical influences from Sam Cooke to Madonna, from New Edition to Elton John, from Natalie Cole to Jay-Z, even going as far back as Frank Sinatra to current hip-hop artists such as Jadakiss and Eminem.

Raised by his step-grandfather after the tragic loss of both his mother and grandmother, Wizdum always proved to be a seeker of knowledge and a lover of music. It wasn’t until about the age of 19, after moving to the Midwest (Council Bluffs, Ia.) that a desire was formed to create music himself. Prophacy (Joe Phoenix) a great friend and local hip-hop artist one day gave the suggestion of turning his poetry into raps by reciting his words over popular instrumentals. From that day forth who could’ve known what would result. From performing shows at the YMCA to gracing the stages of theatres and shaking hands with industry heavy weights, music has been his career, more than a hobby since day one.

Whether it be his start with Prophacy and other members of the clique Young-N-Bumpin or the 10 years spent in Maryland as a part of the group 3 Man Weave (Smash Hit Records, Dirren Bell, Radeif Wigfall, Lawrence Hester) Wizdum has given 300% to the development of his style, his writing ability, stage presence, promotional skills and all-around presentation of himself as an artist and Hip-Hop journalist. With 10 videos, 2 Albums, 1 mixtape, and a slew of singles sold nationwide he has reached listeners that number in the tens of thousands. Blessed with opportunities to open for such famous acts as Twista, Stevie Stone, Jadakiss, and more as well as numerous chances to meet with and perform for industry execs (Bad Boy Records, BMI Publishing, AAMG/Universal, Def Jam Recordings), he is still striving to perfect his craft and share it with any and all who will listen.

His grind, hustle, determination, motivation and sense of being is just as strong now as at 19. With a positive attitude and forever willingness to learn Wizdum most definitely has what it takes to be a powerful musical and literary influence not only locally or even nationally, but around the globe.